19 years old Entered the world of cooking; starting by washing dishes in Tokyo. I would never have imagined that my skin would get so rough. I suffered from rough hands until my mid-thirties.
22 years old Without any active plan, I entered a French cooking school In my early 20's, I was under the completely false illusion that I understood cuisine simply by eating out at good restaurants.

If I could go back in time and meet myself in those days, I would say to myself "practice the art of cuisine seriously".
24 years old I returned home.
I worked in a Japanese restaurant, but I could not work effectively.
If I washed the dishes, I would handle then carelessly and they broke.
I broke cookware as well.
My demeanor seemed to be positive at work, but my true feelings were actually negative.
These true feelings were soon found out.

However, I was never late for work.
This was my only saving grace.

Hopping from one restaurant to another.
Wherever I worked, I encountered the same problems.
Regardless of the place, every chef preached to me about similar things.

I was preached to like this:
"You should be more aware of your facial expressions when you are taught"
I guess I had an unappealing face.
30 years old Without any forethought or planning, I became independent.
It was the beginning of a big mistake.
I opened a restaurant despite having no ability.

Customers ceased coming at all in the second month of being open.
It was a scary situation to be in.

I should have changed my way of thinking at that point.
However, I was too stubborn to change my mind.

I treated my staff strictly, and the environment was not a comfortable space for customers.

I guess that my staff and customers were tired of the many rules that I had imposed.
Nevertheless, thanks to the customers and staff, the restaurant was able to continue to operate.
37 years old The last staff member resigned and I became the sole worker.
I decided to renovate the restaurant to install counters and service them all by myself.

I finally understood the value of the staff.

I am responsible for everything.
Good and bad: everything is up to me
I was always thinking of what I had to do next.
I was initially scared every day.
I could not afford to accept failure.
I started to work on my ability to rely on others.
I realized things I had to do that I had never considered before.
The whole picture of the work became clear in my mind.

Leaving work to the staff leads to their growth.
It is better to leave things to them, and increasingly trust in their abilities.

However, I had been dependent on the staff.
Staff previously did what I personally could not do.
So, I was in trouble when they left.

My management skills were completely inadequate to run the restaurant.
So, I clearly needed staff, but failed to appreciate their true value.
I took delight in finding things that they were unable to do.
It was only natural that the staff resigned.

It's been about 7 years since I began to operate the restaurant by myself.

Since I am now older and more experienced,
I may be able to interact with staff a little better than before.

I started listening to what people say and accepting advice with humility (lol).
Many changes have been borne from conversations with customers and close friends.

I have also implemented changes that I would never have considered previously.

It is now said that "something has changed recently".
I hope my changes are those for the better...
42 years old I still make mistakes every day.